Automation System

E-MAK asphalt plants’ automation systems software and hardware projects are prepared especially according to clients’ demands, requirements, use conditions (geographical environment, climate, fuel to be used etc.) and manufactured to operate the asphalt plant economically and efficiently.


  • Full automatic control via main PLC
  • BUS connection system between main PLC and field automatic control PLC systems
  • Special PLC to ensure work safety
  • Ergonomic, quick, easy, user friendly screens
  • Secondary touch screen as operator panel 
  • A monitor shows all on/off states, malfunctions etc., second monitor shows all motors electrical current and temperature values
  • High quality, first class, heavy duty - minimum IP55 components are used for field automation
  • Control cabin is container type, insulated, has double glass windows, air-conditioned and with anti static flooring
  • Wide view from within the cabin

Software and Process Control

  • Process control recording and monitoring with SCADA software
  • Special programme for reports and graphic output
  • Cold silos feed flow speed is adjusted automatically according to mixture proportions and corresponding hot aggregate silo level measured via continuous level sensors (radar)
  • Required process parameters are evaluated, monitored and automatic controls are carried out accordingly.  Heat monitoring thermocouples and infrared heat sensors, material level radars, capacitive sensors, motorized level sensors and level switches, air-pressure and vacuum monitoring sensors and moisture sensors are used to control production processes.
  • E-MAK’s automation remote control system supports asphalt plants assembled throughout the world

Energy saving and cost reduction by integrating the new closed aggregate preparation system to asphalt plants

RATech Integrated to Asphalt Plant;
* 70% RAP material used for binder course
* Up to 50% RAP material used for wearing course
E-MAK is the only asphalt plant producer with its own trial facilities.
E-MAK Asphalt Plants of the future...

E-MAK asphalt plants are produced under EU directives; Machine Safety Directive 2006/42/EC, Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EEC and Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EEC and in line with the EN standards with its CE marking. Also, E-MAK proudly holds : A GOST Certificate, ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certificate and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certificate.
Bauma 2016

It was E-MAK’s year this BAUMA...

Interest in the Simge CHALLENGER, RAtech 3 Angle and Green Type on show at the world’s largest international machine and construction exhibition for its sector was tremendous.

4. Eurasphalt & Eurobitume Congress: “Innovation Session” - E-MAK Simge CHALLENGER presentation
EAPA and Eurobitume (E&E) international congress held every 4 years which debates Europe’s road standards and technical innovations, was held in Copenhagen, Denmark on 21-23 May 2008.

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