Energy saving and cost reduction by integrating the new closed aggregate preparation system to asphalt plants


  1. Energy Saving

    • 50% energy saving due to using very dry aggregate during asphalt production
    • As the aggregate is crushed and fed to the plant immediately, temperature of the aggregate will increase by approximately 10°C, leading to further energy savings
    • The compact design of the system provides electrical energy savings up to 20%

  2. Environmental effects

    • Reducing energy consumption and eliminating loaders provides reduction in CO2 emission up to 50%
    • As fine material is no longer stockpiled in open areas, dust pollution is eliminated
    • Working in a dust free area reduces health problems significantly, malfunctions and maintenance requirement
    • The dust produced is collected by the filtering unit of the system and provided to the asphalt plant as filler material instead of scattering in the air.
    • All crushing, sieving, conveying and stockpiling processes are undertaken in one closed unit, thus leading to reduction in noise level
    • In conventional facilities 20000m² production area is required; however with Simge Challenger only 5000m² production area is enough.
  3. Production

    • Increases aggregate production up to 50%
    • Increases asphalt plant efficiency up to 15%
    • Decreases labor, machinery and transportation up to 60%
    • Purchasing only ballast material eliminates further stockpiling and transportation costs
    • Aggregate quantity and gradation is balanced with asphalt production even for different asphalt products due to crusher variable speed and continuous feedback
  4. Quality

    • Because fine material produced with Simge-Challenger system is clean and controlled efficiently, bitumen in mix design is reduced to the minimum level while space percentage reaches the desired value. That means bitumen consumption is reduced by 10-15%.
    • Feedback overflowed aggregate to the crusher improves flakiness index as aggregates are crushed once more.
  5. Aggregate service

    • In addition to providing aggregate to the integrated asphalt plant, Simge-Challenger can provide aggregates for other applications like concrete and sub base productions by conveyors or loading trucks directly without any need for loaders.

RATech Integrated to Asphalt Plant;
* 70% RAP material used for binder course
* Up to 50% RAP material used for wearing course
E-MAK is the only asphalt plant producer with its own trial facilities.
E-MAK Asphalt Plants of the future...

E-MAK asphalt plants are produced under EU directives; Machine Safety Directive 2006/42/EC, Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EEC and Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EEC and in line with the EN standards with its CE marking. Also, E-MAK proudly holds : A GOST Certificate, ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certificate and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certificate.
Bauma 2016

It was E-MAK’s year this BAUMA...

Interest in the Simge CHALLENGER, RAtech 3 Angle and Green Type on show at the world’s largest international machine and construction exhibition for its sector was tremendous.

4. Eurasphalt & Eurobitume Congress: “Innovation Session” - E-MAK Simge CHALLENGER presentation
EAPA and Eurobitume (E&E) international congress held every 4 years which debates Europe’s road standards and technical innovations, was held in Copenhagen, Denmark on 21-23 May 2008.

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