E-Mak Challenger

Volume controlled automatic feeding with an apron feeder. E-MAK’s patented invention, Closed Aggregate Crushing and Feeding System – Simge Challenger

Simge ChallengerAggregate Plants Systems is an internationally patented closed aggregate crushing, screening, stocking, and feeding system, which is used by integrated into asphalt plants and reduces fuel amount that is consumed for asphalt production by almost 50%. With Simge Challenger System, ballast aggregate is crushed, screened, stocked, and constantly fed according to the need of the asphalt plant in a closed system by controlling the size and ratio of the pieces.

Energy Saving, Environmentally-friendly, High-Quality Asphalt

With Simge Challenger -Agrega Systems- you can reduce energy consumption and CO2 emission by almost 50%. With the JIT (Just In Time) dust emission aggregate feeding system, the pollution caused by stocking open-air is eliminated.
Geometrical changes of aggregate and excessive loading on the feeder are also eliminated.
The capacity of the product is 250-400 T/H. 
Asphalt quality, production capacity, and working season also increase.
Volume controlled automatic feeding with an apron feeder.

Challenger is a closed system of aggregate production (crushing, screening, stocking, and feeding) integrated into asphalt plants.
Micronized stone dust resulting from crushing and sieving in the Simge Challenger system are absorbed and stored in the filter of the asphalt plant. The most needed filler material in asphalt production also provides a resource for the asphalt instead of polluting the environment by flying into the air.

E-MAK asphalt plants are not only high-quality but also durable. Especially with a modular structure, these asphalt plants provide our customers with important competitive edges in terms of maintenance, transportation, and assembly. Our products increase efficiency by offering different and innovative business solutions in road construction and maintenance projects.

100% Recycling in Asphalt Production

Designed and manufactured by our best engineers, with the RATech technology, Challenger recycles the asphalt removed from the roads. In addition to this, by reducing fuel consumption up to 50%, this product is both environmentally-friendly and budget-friendly. The Challenger system brings practical solutions for challenges and limitations.


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E-Mak Challenger

The Competitive Edges of E-MAK Challenger:

  • Energy-saving.
  • Environmentally-friendly.
  • High-quality asphalt and concrete.
  • 250-450 T/H capacity.