Vertical Impact Crusher

Vertical Impact Crusher

In the production of Vertical Shaft Crushers, one of the E-MAK crushers, special and strong alloys resistant to wear is used. It is an aggregate preparation system that provides energy savings and low by integrated into asphalt plants. It offers closed and open rotor options according to the type of aggregate.

The crushers used to obtain sand or gravel by breaking medium-sized hard and abrasive materials extracted from stream beds and mines are Vertical Impact Crushers – Aggregate Preparation Systems-. It provides great convenience for the production of materials such as gravel, sand, and stone chips that are constantly needed. Vertical Shaft Crushers are very simple to install and maintain.

How E-MAK Vertical Shaft Crusher Works:

Materials extracted from stream beds or mines are put into the feed hopper of the Vertical Shaft Crusher. The materials fall into the rapidly rotating part of the crusher called the rotor. With high speed, the breaking process occurs as a result of the materials hitting each other. Crushed materials are ejected from the discharge chamber. This process can be repeated as many times as desired and the desired size of material can be produced.

It is one of the very inexpensive tools. Vertical Shaft Crushers are very functional in crushing hard materials. It does not expose the environment to too much dust during the breaking of stones. Thanks to its easy use and high performance, it has become the most important part of gravel and sand making today.

The biggest feature that distinguishes it from other crushers is its ability to crush the material regardless of whether it is moist or wet. Vertical Shaft Crushers are produced as an alternative to tertiary crushers. It is used to crush any kind of hard or abrasive material such as medium-sized basalt, granite, and obtain 0-5 mm sand. These crushers have a high sand ratio and cubicity ratio.

Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers have a unique design with the principle of crushing stone to stone, which is not included in other impact crushers. In this way, it both reduces the cost of consumables and offers cubic material for quality aggregate production.


Vertical Impact Crusher

The Competitive Edges of Vertical Shaft Crushers:

  • Close or open rotor options according to the aggregate type.
  • The capacity of 500 tons/hour.
  • Aggregate in the desired gradation for asphalt, concrete, PMT.
  • Cubic material production that improves asphalt quality.
  • Easy maintain option with a hydraulic cap.
  • Automatic greasing system.
  • Hammer and anvils made of special wear-resistant alloy.
  • Possibility to work with the inverter at the desired speed.