Hot Oil Boilers

Hot Oil Boilers

Hot oil boilers are used to heat the bitumen lines.
In the hot oil boiler, the bitumen does not interact with the oil, so the bitumen is heated effectively and safely.

As a member of the Simge Group, founded in 1977, E-MAK is one of the pioneer brands of Turkey.

Hot Oil Boilers - Bitumen Processing Equipment -  are used to heat the bitumen lines. In the hot oil boiler, the bitumen does not interact with the oil, so the bitumen is heated effectively and safely. E-MAK delivers high-quality hot oil boilers to its customers with easy transportation and installation services. Vertical, horizontal, square, rectangular, or cylindrical hot oil heated bitumen tanks are standard as 50 m³, 53 m³, 55 m, 85 m³, 100 m³, and all kinds of designs are made upon request.

The surface area of the coils used for heating in bitumen tanks and the thickness and content of the serpentine pipes used are very important. The high serpentine surface area of our tanks increases the quality insulation and efficiency, while the welding methods we apply during manufacturing ensure that the equipment remains long-lasting and robust despite constant assembly and disassembly. We use bevel type bevel gear reducer.

Modified tanks should have more heating surface area than other tanks. One of the most important features that make us different from other manufacturers is that the heating surface area we use in all tanks is of very high quality compared to the products in the market. This feature provides serious advantages to the user economically.

In many areas of industry, high temperatures and heat transfer systems are needed at these temperatures. Boiling water and steam systems can meet these needs by outputting certain pressure values. This situation is disadvantageous in terms of cost, efficiency, and safety. Heat generation and transfer at high temperatures can be provided with the safest hot oil systems. Hot oil systems are systems used in industrial areas to meet the high-temperature fluid requirement, which cannot be reached by alternative fluids, at low pressure.

Various thermal oils are used in our hot oil systems that can be heated up to 300-320ºC without losing their properties at atmospheric pressure. For this reason, due to the properties of the fluid used, no corrosion or lime occurs in the installations and devices.

Why Hot Oil Boilers?

Long-term usage: If the required maintenance, repairs, and cleaning are held properly, hot oil boilers can be used for long times.

Easy Heat Control: Temperature control in hot oil systems can be done much more effectively with automatic control valves. This makes it easy to ensure a standard quality in the produced product.

Safer: When compared to the steam system, it is operated at low pressure and open to the atmosphere through expansion tanks. The pressure in the system has the pressure to overcome the boiler and pipe losses in the hot oil circulation pumps. With its low pressure and safe systems, the need for qualified personnel is less for the use of hot oil boilers.

High productivity: Since there are no condensate losses and flash steam losses in the steam system, the efficiency of the hot oil system is higher. Another feature of the hot oil systems is to meet the steam requirement in the process, thanks to the hot oil exchangers. Hot oil/steam exchangers can be easily integrated into the system since there is no need for additional space-consuming equipment such as a chimney, fuel tank. Compared to steam systems, high flue gas values can be used to increase boiler efficiency with heat recovery systems to be placed at the chimney outlet or to meet the hot water and air needs of the enterprise.

Low Maintenance Costs: Compared to water, maintenance, repair, and spare parts costs, it is much lower than steam systems.

E-MAK provides its customers with the best support service before and after the sale processes.

Hot Oil Boilers