Express Mobile

Express Mobile Asphalt Plant

E-MAK Mobile type asphalt plants are designed and manufactured for asphalt facilities within 80-240 ton/hour asphalt production.

E- MAK Express Mobile – Mobile Asphalt Plants - has remarkable features such as easy installation, socket - type cable connections, fast assembly, and disassembly. It also makes a difference with E- MAK Continuous and Batch type mobile asphalt plants, and its ability to be placed as compact and on a trailer.

An Economical Solution in a Narrow Area

E- MAK Mobile Asphalt Plants have been designed and manufactured for asphalt production central that has a production capacity of 80-240 T/H. E- MAK Mobile Express Asphalt Plants series is preferred for intracity or intercity maintenance projects that need to be moved often. E- MAK Mobile Express series has easy transportation, assembly, and maintenance with its wheeled modular structure.

E-MAK Offers You The Best Service and Quality

Being one of the pioneer brands in Turkey, E- MAK always provides customers with the best support service during the sale and after-sale of asphalt plants. Our company, which makes a difference in after-sales services with its superior service quality and qualified human resources, is proud to always stand by its customers.

Express Mobile

The Competitive Edges of Express Mobile

  • Easy installation and socket-type cable connections.
  • The main unites are placed on wheeled trailers.
  • Fast disassembly, transportation, and reassemble.
  • Suitable for military projects.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • High-quality and durable components.
  • Online customer service around the World.
  • Asphalt stocking with optional sub mixer hoppers.
  • Standard highways gauge size.
  • Budget-friendly.