Cold Aggregate Silos

As a member of Simge Group which operates since 1977, E-MAK is one of Turkey's leading companies in the sector. 

Cold aggregate silos are the starting point of asphalt production. E-MAK cold aggregate silos continuously feed homogenous aggregate to the dryer in a controlled manner. Yet, different types of aggregates are stored in silos separately. The width of the cold aggregate silos corresponds to the loader's bucket width which provides easy operation. Cold aggregate silos work in coordination with the hot silo thanks to automation. Automatic feeding speeds are adjusted according to recipe changes.

Cold aggregates are transferred to the dryer aggregate loading belt conveyor through the below-bunker feeding system. Below-bunker feeding systems consists of below-bunker covers, reciprocating or vibrator feeders and below-bunker collector belts.

Dryer aggregate loading belt conveyor is a conveyor system that transfers the aggregates coming from the below-bunker collector belt conveyor to the dryer (heating drum). Below-bunker collector belt conveyors are horizontal conveyor systems unlike dryer loading belt conveyor. The capacities of both conveyors must be compatible with the capacity of the plant. The width, thickness and the speed of the belt conveyors should be determined according to this capacity.

The pre-feeding aggregate system can consist of 3, 4, 5 or 6 silos depending on the customer demand. Silos have speed controll feeding belts, aggregate flow monitor and warning sensor when there is insufficient amount of aggregate on the belt.


  • 4 or more silos
  • Volume of 8 m3 - 25 m3
  • Feeding conveyor with inverter 
  • Flow control system 
  • Optic/ acoustic warning system  
  • Equipped with vibration motor  
  • Covered 
  • Emergency stop system 
  • Moisture sensors allow automatic burner flame control

You can rely on E-MAK quality for cold aggregate silos, one of the most essential compartments of an asphalt plant. As E-Mak we carry out required inspections at all stages very strictly.