Filler System

E-MAK is a young and dynamic member of Simge Group, which has been operating since 1977. E-MAK has become Turkey's first and only manufacturer of asphalt plant in a short period of time with its high technology and quality products. E-MAK, which is 100% domestic and national, exports different products to many countries abroad.

Filler is one of the important raw materials that determines the quality of asphalt and is used as void space filler.

By Means of the Filler System, 

Fillers kept in the filter or fillers supplied externally can be used together or separately in asphalt production, unusable or excess fillers kept in the filter can be transferred to the waste dust silos.

It can have 20 m³ -100 m³ silo capacities.
In filler system, a small watering mixer is used to discharge fillers to trucks. Hence, dust is not scattered in the air, and the environment is protected from its negative effect.

Filler system is a compact, precise and reliable system.

It has a convenient lowered hopper filling system to ensure excellent filling accuracy in terms of quality and weight control. It provides direct and efficient monitoring of the machine which provides acceleration and optimization. The operator can easily access all the production schedules in case of any sudden changes in the process.

Filler System Gallery Image
  1. Filter
  2. Foreign Filler Silo
  3. Filler Elevator
  4. Air Shock Pads
  5. Silobas Filling Pipes
  6. Continuous Level Sensor
  7. Filler Service Silo
  8. Max. Level Sensor
  9. Min. Level Sensor
  10. Filler Weighing Unit
  11. Filler Storage Silo
  12. Discharge Pipe
  13. Vibrating Motor
  14. Filler Discharge Lid
  15. Screw Type Conveyors 
  16. Watering Dust Preventing Unit 
  17. Surplus Dust Silo 
  18. Dust Elevator

Mineral Filler

Bituminous Hot Mixes (BHM) are obtained by mixing the aggregate, filler and the bituminous binder at high and appropriate temperatures. The properties of the aggregate that make up the majority of the mixture affect the strength and durability of these mixtures.

Mineral filler is a fine material at least 70% of which passes through a 0.075 mm (No. 200) sieve. Fillers are usually obtained from limestone. Other stone powders, portlant cement, and some fine-grained natural materials are used as filler too.

Although mineral fillers constitute a very small percentage of the total aggregate, they play an important role in regulating the properties of the mixture. Mineral filler is the aggregate material that passes through a 0.075 mm sieve. However, not all materials thinner than 0.075mm will perform as filler.

Filler is used to increase the ratio of the fine aggregate in bituminous mixtures, to decrease the amount of void space and to increase the resistance of the mixture against deformation at high temperatures. It affects the stability since it has a void space filling feature.

If you plan to add a filler storage system to your asphalt plant, you can get an offer from E-MAK's expert team