Hot Aggregate Silo

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Special Design to Prevent Segregation

Asphalt plants are equipped with stock silos or storages so that they are not affected by various problems that can arise in a construction field. Right after its production hot aggregate is sent to silos by means of a conveyor belt system or elevators.

The stored mixture is loaded onto trucks through the cover located at the bottom of the silo. Isolated hot silo mixes can be stored up to 24 hours without any heat loss. Silo capacity can be up to several hundred tons. Silo structures that are not isolated are generally referred to as accumulation storages. They are smaller and keep the mixture for a short period of time. Operated under proper conditions, no complications will arise. The common problem that can be encountered is segregation.

While the mixture is being discharged into the empty silo from a certain height, fine grains and coarse grains start to accumulate in different directions. To minimize this, a weighing bucket is placed inside the silo where the mixture is being discharged. Weighing bucket prevents a continuous flow of mixture into the silo. When the mixture reaches a certain weight, it is poured into the silo in one go. During continuous production, the amount of mixture in the silo changes between 1/3 and 2/3 of the silo capacity.

Varying in size and types, there are different truck alternatives to transport the bituminous hot mix to the construction site. However, one type of truck is preferred to determine the production amount as precise as possible. Production amount is continuously recorded in the plants. In batch type plants all materials entering the mixture have separate scale records. In continuous type plants scale records are not that detailed. Only the total mass of the coarse and fine aggregate entering the mixture and the weight of the bitumen are recorded. The weight of the production is measured with the scale in the facility.

All trucks are tared before the production process. Loaded trucks are weighed each time they leave the plant. Scale calibration should be done regularly for the accuracy of the records. The tare of the trucks should be checked continuously and the maintenance of the scale should be repeated frequently.

Sieved aggregates are stored within the hot aggregate silo compartments according to their grain size. Hot aggregate silos work coordinated with cold aggregate silos by means of automation.


  • 40-160 ton storage capacity 
  • 4, 5, 6 or 7 aggregate compartments 
  • By-pass compartment 
  • Lower and upper level sensors 
  • Continuous level sensors 
  • Temperature sensor 
  • Optimum heat insulation according to climate conditions  
  • Sampling mechanism 
  • Dust-sealed, two stage discharge lids

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