Sieving Unit

In high-capacity E-MAK Asphalt Plants, sieves with reduced slope angels are powered with vibratory motors. Oscillating vertically and horizontally, they reduce the gradation error ratio to minimum. 

E-MAK is a 100% domestic and national company which offers European quality standards. It has determined to offer its customers the best products with the most appropriate service as a company policy. Our company is one of the leading brands particularly in asphalt plant industry in the country. 

E-MAK sieves are designed with reduced slope angels and they oscillate both vertically and horizontally to obtain maximum efficiency. 


  • Easy to change screens 
  • Screens made of cold drawn steel wire mesh resistant to corrosion 
  • Filter connected to dust vacuum hood
  • Optional service crane above the unit
  • Special alloy steel body mounted with vibration-resistant rivets
  • Depending on the model and capacity, vibration with vibration motor, unbalance exciter or eccentric shaft
  • 4, 5 or 6 fractions
  • Compact, fully enclosed, dust-sealed
  • Hydraulically operated front cover
  • Upper and side wide maintenance windows 

Today, there are finely categorized, high quality demands of products to be used for diverse applications. This requires extra effective control mechanisms to be constructed for the production. In asphalt plants the use of sieve units may be the most effective solution through which you can expect to obtain such an efficient control mechanism. For greater efficiency you can safely purchase E-MAK sieve units designed to prevent any dust outflow.  

The first sieve has a protective layer that prevents huge coarse aggregation particles from entering the bunkers. This safety sieve is followed by two or three sieves which get smaller in size from top to bottom. The sizes of these sieves vary depending on the plant and the gradation of the mixture to be made. Sieves are designed to transfer fine particles to the hot bunker, coarse particles to the other bunkers.