Vertical Elevator

E-MAK, Turkey’s leading company in asphalt plant industry, is a 100% domestic and national company.

E-MAK vertical elevators are designed according to the asphalt plant capacity. Their high resistance is due to Omega type profiles used in their construction. 

Being a vertical transport system, vertical elevators are used to lift the asphalt plant materials from lower floor to the upper floors at the desired capacity. 

Vertical elevators are chain-type bucket carriers produced to carry hot aggregate. Hot aggregate is carried over to the top of the plant, the sieve, in bucket elevators. The material separated in the sieve according to its size is poured into four different bunkers. Required amount of each material is weighed by the weighbridges under the bunkers, then all the material is poured into the plant mixer.

E-MAK vertical elevators can be used for needs of different capacities. They are designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of the product to be transported. The engine speed and the size of the carrier buckets are determined according to the system data. The top head of the elevator is made of two parts for easy dismantling. Top head consists of pulley, pulley shaft, bearing, bearing houses and engine stand. All connections are provided with bolts. The product outlet is on the top head.

On the lower head there are pulley, pulley shaft, bearing, bearing houses, product input and cleaning hatches. Depending on the capacity and the height of the elevators reductor motors may be preferred. The adjustable engine stand on the top head allows reducer motor to be connected to the elevator by chain coupling. Optionally, brake-type reducer motor or one way bearings can be used.

In E-MAK vertical elevator units double-body, heavy duty bucket type elevators are used for capacities over 300 t/h. They are made of special steel resistant to corrosion. Having H type chains and hardened gears, they are designed for carrying heavy loads. 

Supplied with wear plates, bucket edges have high wear resistant. Drive system is secured with backstops to prevent rotation in reverse direction. There is a flap that allows aggregate to be bypassed to the hot silo when necessary. Depending on the capacity different types of chain tensioners can be used (spring type, weight type etc.) Drive system is provided with a soft starter and a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive). Your system works much more efficiently with reducer system that provides maintenance and restart when the plant is loaded. If you want, we provide insulation with rockwool. We also offer optional accessories such as elevator overload sensor, rotation monitor etc.

Supporting Equipment

Elevator Belts

Elevator belts are designed for wet and dry products separately. Black rubber belts are produced for wet products, white rubber belts are produced for dry products. Different types of belts can be produced depending on the product. 

Elevator Buckets

There are different types of elevator buckets with regard to their size: Hand-made buckets, plastic buckets, pressed buckets, welded buckets etc. The suitable one should be selected depending on the product to be transported. 

Reducer Motors

Reducer motors may be preferred to reach the required capacity which depends on the product to be transported. 

With E-MAK service quality you can run your business much more faster. Please contact us regarding your needs and questions about vertical elevators.